Time to Raid! You ready?

Raids have finally opened, ask an officer for more info.


Apply if you think you have what it takes to become a TG Guild member

You even PvP brah?

We don't just focus on raiding we will also have active PvP arena and rated battleground teams

Looking for MOD Creators

We have a lot of of ideas for mods as well as site mods, if this sorta thing interests you please apply


Welcome to Torment Gaming

A Guild to Brag About

More than just a Guild/Clan/Community TG is a group of friends who enjoying hanging out and playing games of all genres and styles. We have done so for years and are always looking for other like minded folks.

Crafting Guides

With the birth of our new site we will be developing relevant easy to use guides for crafting and professions. Please check back often as we continue crafting content for our crafting guides!

Current News

Current news about TG as well as the games we play regularly will be discussed both through the news section as well as forums & guides. Check the News menu item to find out more.

Twitch Streaming

Several of us stream regularly and enjoy watching others stream. If you are a member and wish to be highlighted on the site as you stream please contact Mathusala or post in the forums.


Communication is key and while we do mostly hang out in Mumble having awesome forums for members to share ideas, questions, and just random content is something we take full advantage of.

Mods & Support

We love modable games as well as the custom ui’s and tools that come along with them. We would like to do more “in house” development of these mods in the future and are always looking for folks with the skillsets to help.


World of Warcraft – Raiding

March 30, 2014



March 30, 2014



September 22, 2013



September 22, 2013

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New Server?

Yes you have heard right, we are moving to the Illidan realm for Legion!!

GlitchIcon_WhiteonPurple  Watch us stream live!